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A version of the live chat service instantiated and hosted by

You can find this instance here:

At we offer two ways to use Chatwoot: either a community version or a dedicated version.

Community version

The community version is administered by

The community version contains all the features of the dedicated version except for: customizable labels and standardized answers. Generic labels for the whole community are available but you cannot customise them. Standardized answers can be added by anyone.

Rest assured, even if the instance is community based, only the accounts you enter in the connector will be able to access your assistant's inbox.


To access it, simply activate the Chatwoot channel and add your email address in the connector (see screenshot).

Channel settings

You will then receive an invitation to your email address to create your account. You will then have access to your inbox on the community forum and can already chat with your customers and reply when the assistant gives the hand.

Direct access to your inbox

If you wish to add collaborators, simply repeat the operation with the email of your collaborators in the channel.

To find out how to escalate the live chat in your assistant please refer to the relevant documentation.

Dedicated version

The dedicated version allows you to have your own space on Chatwoot with your own labels and your own standardized answers.

You are then the administrator of your instance, you can invite collaborators, give them access to inboxes, configure the language of the instance...


To access the dedicated version, administrators should be contacted.

Steps to deploy:
- Create your Live Chat administrator account on
- Get the "Access Token" of the administrator account available in the configuration of your new Chatwoot account.
- Retrieve the ID number of your instance (it is available in the URL, see screenshot below) - Contact specifying: the access token, the ID of your instance and the name of the assistant on which you want to activate Chatwoot (note: several assistants can point to the same instance. An inbox per assistant and per language will be created automatically). - An email response will be sent to you once the connection has been made.

Two key pieces of information to be retrieved.

To find out how to escalate the live chat in your assistant please refer to the relevant documentation.