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A workflow is a sequence of actions to execute which can either produce visual responses, logic blocks (conditions, repeats, ...) or calls towards others resources.
You generally build workflows from your graph editor or Manifest tab, but they also can be returned directly from your APIs and functions resources.

Response types


key type required ? description
type string required 'card'
title string required Card title
text string required Text content, below the image
image string optional image url
imageDisplay string optional "background-size" css property, by default "contain"
buttons array optional List of clickable elements at the bottom of the card
key type required ? description
type string required 'button', 'event' or 'link'
text string required Text shown as a button
value string required button: text that will be sent after click, event: event that will be sent, link: target url
openInPanel boolean optional Only for link, to open it in a panel
quickReply boolean optional Disable the other buttons when it is clicked


   {"text" : "Of course"},
   {"type": "richText", "text": "<b>Rich text</b>"},
   {"type" : "panel", "value": "Thats side panel content, which can be <b>enriched</b> as well"},
   {"type" : "button","text":"click me","value":"text message sent by this button"},
   {"type" : "event","text":"click me","value":"EVENT_NAME"},
   {"type" : "link","text":"im a link","value":""},
     "type" : "card",
     "title":"I am a card",
     "text":"some text..",
        {"type":"button","text":"Texte du bouton","value":"text message sent by this button"}