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Conversations and Interactions

Conversations Number of conversations started with your assistant (a user generally keeps the same conversation, except when he explicitly deletes it (Google Home, instant messaging, etc.) or when the browser's localStorage is deleted in the case of the web).
Interactions An exchange between the user and the Assistant.

The Prism platform offers easy access to your assistant's board. Many metrics are available in order to follow its evolution.


Below is the statistics page which also allows you to consult the number of interactions.


Systems and channels

A 360 ° view of your channels. You can see the most frequently used systems (browsers, voice assistants, iOS, Android ...) as well as the distribution of the channels on which you have deployed your assistant.


** The definition of KPIs: **

Zone 1 Messages Total number of messages (text or event type) exchanged with the assistant (even in the event of an escalation to Live Chat, this indicator increases)
Zone 2 Success The success rate is the total number of Fallback Intents / total number of interactions. In the case of an RPA, this rate is 100%.
Zone 3 Median The median number of messages (type text or event) sent per user or per API.
Zone 4 Sessions A session lasts 20 minutes. A conversation can therefore generate several sessions
Zone 5 User The number of unique users.
Zone 6 Satisfaction This indicator is calculated from user feedback.
Zone 7 Intentions Number of different intentions used. (Be careful, changing the name of an intention can affect this status).
Zone 8 Duration The average duration of a conversation with an assistant (including Live Chat).
Zone 9 Note The average star rating given by users.
Zone 10 User messages over time In this section, you access the usage trend over a given period.