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Overview allows you to interact with the bot through a javascript API. In window scope, a prismeai namespace is now available so you can access it with window.prismeai. It offers the following methods:

Action API

Toggle dialogbox

prismeai.action({ type: 'toggle', value: true })

Open the dialogbox.

prismeai.action({ type: 'toggle', value: false })

Close the dialogbox.

Reset conversation

prismeai.action({ type: 'resetConversation' })

This will clear the current conversation and start a new one.

Push text in dialogbox

prismeai.action({ type: 'text', value: 'Some text message' })

Send 'Some text message' to the bot as if the user typed it.

Push event in dialogbox

prismeai.action({ type: 'event', value: {
    text: 'Some text message',
    event: 'Event name
Send an event to the bot.

Push content to panel

prismeai.action({ type: 'pushPanelItems', value: 
      title: 'this is the panel title',
      text: '<p>this is the panel content </p>',
      isActive: true
      title: 'this is the second page title',
      text: '<p>this is the second page panel content </p>',
      isActive: true
This will add two panels to the lateral section. To open said panel, you have to use the method detailed below in 'Open or close the panel'

Open or close the panel

prismeai.action({ type: 'togglePanel', value: false })

This example closes the panel. Setting value to true will instead open it.

Listening to Dialogbox events

Clicks on elements

prismeai.on('click', callback)

Listen to the "click" event, which triggers the callback method provided when triggered. The event provided to the callback has multiple properties :


This object is defined if a chat message was clicked. It has the following properties:
- type: can be button, event, link, or linkInText. The latter is used for a link in a text message.
- text: Clickable element's text, or the whole message's text content if a linkInText.
- value: the url if it is a link or linkInText. The target event if an event, or the text to trigger if a button
- fromFAQ: Is 'true' if the element was in a FAQ's panel, 'false' otherwise. Unavailable for 'linkInText' elements.


The FAQ object is defined if the click was from the FAQ page. Its properties are :

  • intentName: name of the intent.
  • question: disambiguation sentence.
  • responseText: The first text message of this intent.
  • response: The elements displayed in the panel when the FAQ element was clicked.


Its value can be:
- stopSpeaking: When the voice recording stops
- stopRecording: On native app, when the voice recording stops
- voiceRecognition: On native app, when the voice recording starts

Message received by user

prismeai.on('messageReceived', callback)

This event contains the message object including the following properties:

  • botName: name of the bot
  • confidence: the NLU's confidence
  • intent: the intent's name