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Live Chat offers the possibility of handing over to an advisor or experts if necessary.

Configure escalation rules

The dialog screen can be used for Live Chat only (no chatbot) with the dynamic FAQ module and notifications.

It is possible to configure the escalation policy by combining the following parameters:

  • After N Summons of Fallback Intent
  • Lower than one of the sentiment score of a Customer request.
  • N negative feedback in a conversation

If you set up one of these automatic triggers a message will be displayed to the user, inviting them to use the escalation system.
In order to modify this message you can create an intent to respond to the HANDOVER_HUMAN_PROPOSAL event, whose workflow will be performed and responses displayed when an escalation is "proposed".
If you do not wish to give the user a choice, simply check the associated option in the escalation channel Automatically handover on one of the below triggers..., this will immediately trigger the escalation when any of the conditions are met.

By declaring your agents, you can define their availability over a week.
It is important to note that only Freschat and can specify time schedules for availability.
For Chatwoot, availability is retrieved in real time (your assistant check if at least one agent linked to the inbox has the status "Online").

Note that by using conditional workflows with the keyword (system.isAgentAvailable), you can depending on the availability of agents:

  • Display personalized Intent Welcome messages
  • Trigger other types of escalation: contact form, click to call, ...

A set of events is available to manage the escalation system:

  • HANDOVER_HUMAN : triggers the handover
  • HANDOVER_HUMAN_TRIGGERED : handover has been triggered
  • HANDOVER_HUMAN_FINISHED : stops handover
  • HANDOVER_HUMAN_PROPOSAL : the escalation could be triggered by following the automatic rules (configurable in the console). A message confirming the escalation wish can be proposed, a default message is displayed

You can create event buttons with the value HANDOVER_HUMAN to trigger the match. It is also a good idea to create an intent that responds to this event to alert the user that a match is in progress.

Configuration example

See below on the assistant graph an example which offers an escalation when no intent is detected.
We test with system.isAgentAvailable whether anyone is online in the enabled live chat.

Condition and overview setting

If this is the case, a button is displayed to trigger the escalation.

Handover button setting

An intent is set up to display a message to the user to keep them waiting. This intent responds to the HANDOVER_HUMAN event.

Triggered intent configuration


Events flow while handover is active

Whenever the assistant goes in escalation mode all text queries from the users are redirected to the live chat.
The assistant will not answer to those.
However, the user can continue to use the assistant through event buttons.

All events triggered by the user, even in escalation mode, are passed on to the assistant except for two: HANDOVER_HUMAN and FILE_UPLOAD.
These events are live chat compatible and are sent directly to the agents with the appropriated payload.

Live Chat modules

You then have the choice between several Live Chat products.

  • Chatwoot hosted by (Open Source)
  • Freshchat
  • Your own Live Chat solution