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Facebook Messenger

1. In go to Channels -> Then check messenger.

2. Create a Facebook page (if you don't have a basic one or if you want to use a new one).

  • Add a photo to your profile (not required).
  • Add a cover photo (not required).

Create a new facebook page

3. Go to Facebook Developers and create a new app ID (click on My apps and create a new one).

Create a New App ID

4. Add a Messenger product.

Add a Messenger Product

5. Add your facebook page.

Add a Messenger Product

6. Get the access token for your Facebook page and insert it in the field below.

Facebook Page Access Token 1 Facebook Page Access Token 2

7. Create your own verification token in (maybe any string).

Create your own Verify Token in Prisme

8. Click on "Save it" and paste your verification token into the Facebook field.

Save it

9. Copy the URL of your webhook, and paste it into Facebook.


10. Use the webhook URL and the verification token.

Create an event

11. In the "Facebook Messenger Webhook" panel, edit the Page subscriptions and select "messages" and "messaging_postbacks".

Select 'messages' and 'messaging_postbacks'

12. Congratulations! Your bot is now connected to Messenger!

Etat des voyants dans Facebook

Connecteur Messenger activé