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Since the release of version 5 of, you can create resources called "Job".


A Job resource is simply a task to be performed on a scheduled basis. We will soon introduce a user-friendly way of entering your recurrence schedule, but for now they are described as a string in "cron" format. If you are not comfortable with the cron format, you can use external tools to help you ( for example). Once your recurrence has been selected, different options will be available depending on the type of the Job resource you created.

In this documentation, we will cover each type of Job resource. For the moment, only one type is possible, we call it: "SendEvent".


This specific resource allows you to send an "event" action to a chosen assistant. You will be prompted for two parameters: choose an assistant and specify the character string corresponding to the event you want to trigger.

This Job can be useful if you have a "Workflow" that would benefit from being executed periodically.

You can then share Jobs with your team or the community in the ** Store ** menu to pool and share your resources.