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1. Create a slack application (if you don't already have one).

2. Choose the name of your slack app and select your workspace (you must have a slack channel).

Create a new slack page

3. Click on the OAuth & Permissions tab.

OAuth & Permission

4. Click on the add a OAuth Scope button.

5. Search and select "Chat:write" from the list to add the permission.


6. Go to Event Subscriptions and check the Enable ->ON box.

Event Subscriptions

7. In get the url of your webhook then click on save.

8. Paste the url of your webhook in the field Request URL.

9. Click on Subscribe to bot events and choose in the list "".

Subscribe to bot events

10. Click on save changes.

11. Click on the Interactivity & Shortcuts tab and check the Interactivity ->ON base.

12. Paste the url of your webhook in the field Request URL.

13. Click on save changes.

14. Check that your bot has a name, click on App Home then App Display Name and add a name to your bot if it is not the case.

15. Click on the OAuth & Permissions tab and click on Install App to Workspace.

Install App to Workspace

16. Retrieve your Bot User ID OAuth Access Token.

Bot User OAuth Access Token

17. Paste the ID into the field.

Paste ID on Prisme

18. Then click on Save.

19. Go to slack and go to the Application tab then select your bot from the list of applications.

20. Bravo ! You can now talk with your bot!


21. To add the bot to your Slack team go to the Slack application settings, go to "Manager Distribution" and follow the steps to add vote bot.