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The notifications offers a notifications feature. Notifications are alerts that appear on your chat to notify you of new activity. They are launched from the PUSH part.

Notifications are formalized by a bell. You can add / modify / delete notifications at any time.


Notifications can be of different types:

  • Web, mail, telephone type links ...
  • Actions that will trigger the Assistant's intentions.

The notification part includes 3 windows.

  • The first allows you to create and configure notifications.
  • The second allows you to view current notifications and the one in the near future.
  • The third allows you to have the history of past notifications.


Step to create a notification:

  1. Go to the Push section (Notification in French)
  2. In the notification window select a start date and end date. This determines the period during which your notification will be active.
  3. Write your message.
  4. Add an action to this notification if you wish, it can be of 3 types:

    • A link (accessible via the side panel if it is active or in a new tab)
    • A button whose value will be interpreted by the Assistant
    • An event that will trigger the intention with which it is associated

Note: You can check the Priority box to highlight the notification.