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Build your first service

The goal is in 15 minutes, to build a service to collect feedback from your Customers. To start, there will be no natural language processing.

Modify the "Welcome Intent"

1- In Workflow, modify the text by "Welcome, my role is to collect your satisfaction"

2- Add an Event type button (Start as label and SURVEY_START as value)

3- Preview

4- Click on the Start button.

Modify the "Fallback Intent"

1- In Workflow, modify the first step with the following text: "My role is to have your satisfaction."

2- Add a step "For any questions, please call us"

3- Add a "Card" type step. Put an image and a button of type Link to tel:0626344423

5- Preview

Let's go further, create an entity

1- Create a Score entity. Put a first value 1 then click on more to add 2, 3, 4 and 5.

2- Click on save

3- Create an Affirmation entity with Yes and No, without synonyms or automatically extensible

2- Click on save

Create a new intent "Start Poll"

1- Switch to expert mode and add the "SURVEY_START" event that you set earlier on the Start button on the Welcome

2- Add a parameter score with type Score , value $score then a question, check “generate buttons from entities” and “block user input”

3- Add a comment parameter of type any with as value $comment and type a question

4- Add an affirmation parameter with type Affirmation the value $affirmation and a question for example “Would you like to be contacted?”). Check “generate buttons from entities” and “block user input".

5- Add a step Text in the workflow “Perfect, your feedback has been taken into account”

6- Preview

Let's build a smart feature, create a Collection

1- Go to your Store, click on build and choose Collection

2- Build a Collection: Satisfactions. Give it a description, an icon ...

3- Return to the intent to start poll

4- Go to workflow and add a step Write in a Collection and choose Satisfactions

5- Preview: test the survey to the end

6- Read the content of your Collection Satisfactions

Create a condition

1- Return to the intent to start survey

2- Add a condition on the score: If score less than 2 add: "I'm sorry to learn, we'll get back to you quickly" If score> 2 then: “Thank you for your feedback, this has been taken into account”

3- Preview: test the survey